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Dale Fisher is the founder, owner and head beekeeper here at Honey On The Hill. After his last tour in Afghanistan, Dale found himself injured both mentally and physically and searching for something to keep him out of a dark place. After trying other farming ventures, he found that harvesting honey was his passion. In fact, he credits honeybees with saving his life by giving him focus, balance, and a reason to face a new day with every sunrise. With that, Dale started Honey On The Hill with the goal of providing the best raw, sustainably-sourced honey available on the market. Today, Honey On the Hill has grown to not only provide raw honey varieties but also gourmet candy, beauty products, and SuperFood Heroes. 

Our Mission

At Honey On the Hill, we believe that bees are powerful creatures that contribute vastly to the world as we know it. They are the pollinators who keep our world green and beautiful, help grow the food we eat, and provide essential honey and nutrients to keep us healthy and strong. Our goal is to educate individuals about not only the many healthful products honeybees create but also how they make the world a better place. We are honored to have the opportunity to share more about the honeybee with each person that orders our products, visits our website, or visits our retail location in Helen, GA.

A Note from Our Founder

"Honey On the Hill was built on the belief that honey should be responsibly-sourced in partnership with our bees. We continue to fulfill this legacy when we source our honey right from the hive to craft our small-batch products and treat our honeybees with the respect they deserve."

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